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Lyme, CFS, Nano, & Frequencies

EMFs/Cell Radiation on Brain

2 No-Brainer Ways to Reduce EMFs Around You

Everyone Else is Doing It! When cigarette smoking was considered safe, almost everyone was doing it. People’s exposure to second-hand...

What’s That Doing In My Supplements? Exploring Excipients

What’s That Doing In My Supplements? Exploring Excipients

Old Days, Nowadays I think a healthy level of questioning is growing among people about excipients in their food, drugs,...

My Body Knew

I recall the moment I could not make myself do yoga, a practice that I’d been doing for three years,...

Frequencies & Protecting Your Body

LEARNING THE BASICS It’s been a sickly number of weeks thus the major delay in getting a post to you,...

Mercola Interviews Klinghardt on Lyme Disease

Recently, I listened to Dr. Joe Mercola interview Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, one of the top medical professionals in the world...

Mad Scientist

Are You Hyper-Conductive? The Remedy Take-Aways

THE REMEDY I listen to a podcast called The Remedy with Tony Pantalleresco. If you have read my article Why...

Nano Not Lyme — The Remedy Take-Aways

Nano Not Lyme — The Remedy Take-Aways

#Lyme disease #The Remedy #nanotechnology #bio-nanomimetics #chronic fatigue syndrome THE REMEDY I listen to a podcast called The Remedy with...

The Remedy Podcast – My Take-Aways – Sept 18th & 20th

Nanoparticles that enter the body can assemble into mimetics, as well as into implants, networks, and fullerenes. Also, “What happens when nanobiotech inside you gets hit with a frequency?” Many things: it could be activated or deactivated, it could construct into something as mentioned above, etc. The result is that it breaks you down.

The Remedy Podcast – My Take-Aways Sept 11th Show

Frequencies being picked up by the brain are not always picked up by the ear (or eye, such as with lifi). YouTube videos and other music from computers, gadgets, and radio could be laced with undetectable frequencies to affect your brain.


If You’re Sick You’re Stupid

If you suffer from a multisystem chronic illness, such as Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), or fibromyalgia (FM),...

Multi-walled carbon nanotube

Why Can’t You Get Better? It Could Be Nano-Particle Poisoning

Epidemics of Today How many people nowadays do you know or know of who have some sort of health problem,...

Fiona Thorson

Welcome: Let’s Explore

I’M DELIGHTED YOU’RE HERE! LET’S GET TO IT… My intention when I first began putting this site together was to...

Emotions & Health

Body, Mind, Spirit

Women! Land in Your Body

If what has been happening to me over the last four or five years can be considered an awakening, I guess that’s when it started – I mean really started – four or five years ago. More likely it’s been happening my whole life, but I can’t say I’ve been more awake and aware of the world in any time in my life before now. As a young woman, I didn’t plan or care much for the future. I worked restaurant and bar jobs that gave me cash in my pocket instantly, and I spent it on food, decent clothes, and having fun with my friends. When I think about the things that were important to me, I look back and see that I was asleep.

My Body Knew

I recall the moment I could not make myself do yoga, a practice that I’d been doing for three years,...

The Bodies & The Skewing of the Natural Order

 The Physical Body I believe that illness falls into every realm of our being, meaning it can manifest in the...

Fun Stuff

& Miscellaneous

A Letter To Leftie – Not Quite Poetry

A LETTER TO LEFTIE — NOT QUITE POETRY Hello, Hand. Thank-you, Hand, for being such an important part of my...

Happy Song



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