Parallels of Lyme & Covid

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Is it just me or do we live in a crazy house? When did the world go upside-down and inside-out? If you’ve been paying attention to any truther news, you will have seen by now that more people are seeing the scam in the scamdemic. For people who have had long-term, chronic illnesses who still believe that Covid-19 is a sweeping killer and we must do as the government and talking heads on the TV news tell us, I ask them this…

Social distancing floor sticker

If the government had spent as much money on helping people recover from Lyme disease as they have on EVERYTHING COVID (health care supplies, media conferences and broadcasts, petitioning/bullying businesses to implement their rules, signage, floor stickers, enforcement officers, paperwork, etc.) don’t you think a lot of Lyme patients would be doing much better by now?

Lyme disease protest

I don’t know the numbers, but I bet the amount Canada has spent on the Covid agenda this past year far exceeds anything they’ve spent on people with chronic illness in a year.

So, do you still think this is all about your health?

News flash…

It’s Not About Health

There is a parallel of Covid-19 and Lyme disease happening here, and that is this… There are doctors, nurses, and scientists who are speaking out against the narrative are being fired and censored for doing so. For years now, in Canada and the USA, many doctors were reprimanded and lost their licenses for treating Lyme patients, oftentimes with antibiotics. Many have hesitated to treat Lyme patients altogether for fear of losing their licenses.

There are some fishy things in the origins of Lyme disease, and many suspect it was something created (or modified from the real organism) in a lab near Lyme, Connecticut, but of course this is brushed off and labelled with today’s term for heretical; conspiracy theory.

Another interesting thing has come to my mind lately, which is just speculation, by the way, has been something I have heard from the very few people that I know of (I don’t know anyone personally) who have had or suspect they have had Covid. What they are saying is that they got quite sick, like the flu, but with more of a chest cold, sometimes with very bad chest pain and difficulty breathing. Sounds about right, right? Then they’d get a little better, then get really sick again before finally improving.

Later, sometimes weeks or months later, these people are reporting lasting symptoms including pain that travels throughout the body, a similar experience for Lyme patients. They also sometimes report neurological issues and a travelling pain, which are also common with Lyme disease.

Now, does that sound like a coronavirus, a flu, to have long-standing neurological symptoms? Not to me. I’m not a doctor but if you’re like me, a pretty experienced patient and/or still have some common sense, then this might sound a bit off.


Status of Covid

What these reports do remind me of, though, is what I was calling Lyme disease.

Many Lyme patients experience a similar onset and lasting neurological problems and travelling pain, as well as a vast array of other problems.

I still call it Lyme disease for most people’s convenience but I’m convinced now that this is nanoparticle poisoning. I believe it’s very possible that Lyme, like Covid, was created in a lab and unleashed on people. Except now we know that what is being called Covid-19 has only the impact of the regular flu (which is well documented if you look past the television), and did not become the plague it’s hyped up to be. In fact, on March 19, 2020, the UK government downgraded Covid-19 and no longer classifies it as a high consequence infectious disease (HCID).

To add onto the madness, governments and health ‘authorities’ have been telling us that there is no flu — it’s all Covid!

No more flu in Canada

This isn’t new news either but I’m getting into all of this because in order for us to have a healthy body, there are a few important things we need, and one thing most people are missing.

First, we need to go back to basic ingredients and use good quality food and herbs as medicine. If we can get off the pharmaceuticals, we’ll be better off, although I do feel there are times when these are helpful, for sure. Did you know that drugs are given at slightly lower that the lethal dose? Check out the book The Lethal Dose by Dr. Jennifer Daniels on that topic.

Second, we have to address the synthetic biology that we’ve all been exposed to, namely heavy metals and nanoparticles found in food, personal products, drugs, supplements, and clothing. Some of us are more affected than others but we are all affected to some degree. (Read here about where synthetic biology can go:

This is where items like an electromagnetic pulsing device come in, ionizing your environment (i.e. air filters with an ionizing option), and avoiding and neutralizing foods that have been exposed to the above-named toxins. Also, reducing your electro-smog exposure by using less wireless technology and putting up shielding in your home greatly helps. (Do contact me for help on this. I am offering women’s nano detox consultations and other issues).

Lastly, as I explore more and more about the mind’s effect on the body, I believe it’s important that we use our imagination and do meditation to see and feel the future and state of health that we want. I know it’s sounds cliché, but I believe that we can make our dreams come true. A few small experiments have surprised me at how this can be true. Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work on that topic. He has some great meditations.

One more thing, friends… my first videocast was released a few weeks ago where I went through a book published in 1854 and pulled out some gems on turpentine as medicine and a few other things. You can find that in the blog post Books & Tea: Pilot. The next one is coming soon, this time more on the topic of the mind-body connection.

Until then, friends, choose peace…

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