The Bodies & The Skewing of the Natural Order

 The Physical Body

I believe that illness falls into every realm of our being, meaning it can manifest in the physical body or in the “bodies” that are more subtle, such as within the etheric body (think chi or qi).

I’ve experienced symptoms improving or disappearing from both physical treatments done with the aide of my doctors and with tools and remedies I’ve done on my own, and I have experienced symptom relief from spiritual healings. I personally believe that people are inherently able to overcome any illness that comes our way. I do not believe that chronic illness is a normal way of being alive – this is a new thing.

There are many reasons why most of us seem unable to heal ourselves by mere intent but I’ll touch on a couple.

The main reason, I believe, is that we have been programmed out of it, or perhaps rather programmed to believe we cannot. The programs can take many forms but essentially they are the same program put into place. By what or whom is another major question to be explored, but most people would probably agree that societal structures, such as schools, the media, government, and our families reinforce and hold the programs into place.

I also believe now that illness (or good health) must and do exist in all realms of our being at the same time, all realms or all the “bodies”, meaning the physical, mental, spiritual/etheric (for simplicity, I will use spiritual and etheric interchangeably although some may separate these two terms). Some traditions specify more than these, such as in kundalini yoga there are ten, but for now we’ll stick with just the physical and the spiritual/etheric.

I used to wonder, what came first: my physical illness (i.e. a tick bite contract Lyme disease) or did my spiritual/etheric self catch something? Which one came first and how did it progress to the other manifestations?

I wondered this up until a short time ago and sometimes found myself in a mental tail chase sorting through the details of my history, trying to pinpoint what it was that caused me to be so sick.

Western society seems to live by see it to believe it and hard scientific facts, and I bought into these models and looked for a physical cause for a long time, so in the case of Lyme disease, the question from most people would be, Did you get bit by a tick and when?If you got parasites, the questions might be, Have you travelled abroad? Have you eaten sushi? Probably in many cases, there is a physical answer, and if the answers weren’t known, you would likely believe that there was a physical answer, except you just wouldn’t know what it is. In my case, I always answered, No, I did not see a tick. They’re tiny and I always hiked and camped. It could have gone unseen.

Subtle Body Manifestation

Come at it the other way – what if on the etheric plane, you believed something deeply, say your religion, but you were forced to adopt a new one or be killed as a penalty if you didn’t. That action might cause dis-ease on the spiritual/etheric body, maybe even invite some sort of entity to you as a coping mechanism. This could eventually result in some kind of physical illness.

So the question is this…

In these two examples, did the illness actually start in one realm or another (in the physical or the etheric) and then migrate to the others?

I used to think this, but I don’t anymore. I think that there has to be a simultaneous action in all manifestations of the person. I don’t think that along came the tick and that was the cause. If there was a tick to deliver the bacteria, then, I believe, there was a pathogen or an event on an etheric level that ‘infected’ me simultaneously.

I liken it to walking into a hall of mirrors where the mirrors are set up at angles in a semi-circle, let’s say 10 of them. In a perfect, untouched body with a complete sense of self and its potential, as you walk towards the mirrors, you will see your reflection in every single mirror.

If we are to say that illness starts and possibly manifests only in one realm (i.e. the physical), it would be akin to walking towards the mirrors and seeing your reflection approach in only two or three mirrors, not all 10 of them. The result is that our being has been split, distorted, or corrupted in some way, for we do not see our whole self in the mirrors.

In a complete and healthy existence of life on a planet that lives in harmony, this would not happen. Our natural way of being is symbiotic, balanced, and harmonious, so if an infection is to approach, again in an untouched world, it would have to approach on all levels, showing up in all mirrors. In our balanced true way of being, we could then eliminate the pathogen or threat without great difficulty using our whole being with all resources available within us.

However, given that planet Earth is not untouched, we would have to deduce that there is a skewing of the natural order. This skewing takes place on a planetary scale (and maybe beyond) and affects all realms of our being.

Who or What Is Responsible?

What the cause of the skew is an enormous, complex question: some might say human nature is simply cruel, although I don’t believe that it is “human nature” that creates the havoc we see. I think we are influenced by something not of this planet. The perpetrators have hijacked us into believing that we cannot heal ourselves, and in doing so, they have changed the natural order of the approach of things inflicted upon us. In other words, they have found a way to cause illness in one realm or another only, so that if you walk into your hall of mirrors, you indeed only see a reflection in two out of the 10 mirrors.


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