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Recently, I was putting together a blog post that could help simplify and explain some of what I have learned about nano-particle poisoning. What’s that? Well, in short, it could be the real answer to why you can’t get better, no matter what you do. (By the way, if you scroll to the very bottom of this article, you’ll find links to how you can recover from this!)

It got so convoluted that I got re-confused (yes, confused again – I thought I had understood what I was about to write) and realized that I have some wonderful resources from the people who are digging up this information, studying it, and getting it out to people. They have already explained it really well already!

You may wonder, Why haven’t I heard of this nano-poisoning before? Why aren’t many people talking about this?

Nano Fibres

Well, they’re starting to and you haven’t heard about it because the information is buried. But thanks to the people in the videos and links below, it’s coming to the surface.

So what I’ve decided to do for this post is to give you some links to a few things that will tie everything together.

It’s true, it can be a little much to take in, but just listen or watch in bits and pieces if that is best for you. That’s what I do.

Also, don’t forget, that you have the potential to overcome anything, your illness, your worries… If you need help doing that, you are just like the next person, and that’s what we are here for – to support and help each other.

So, sink your teeth in, and remember to check out this blog’s section Fun Stuff, with articles such as the article entitled Happy Song, to balance out the heavy stuff. Much more of that is on its way, my friends! 

1. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor – Ted Talk: My Stroke of Insight 

I’m listing this one first (and I recommend watching it first) so that you keep in mind while you’re listening to the other videos the potential in all people, the potential to heal and overcome. We have been brainwashed into thinking we’re powerless, but we are not. Take a listen to how this lady discovered this from the inside of a stroke. 

2. Dr. James Giordano – Neuroweapons

A presentation on how military utilizes neuroscience in the art of warfare.

Video link:


“What we’re here to talk about today is the fact that the brain is and will be the 21st century battlescape in many ways.” Dr. James Giordano

3. Elana Freeland – From Geoengineering to Bioengineering

A presentation that connects the dots in environmental pollutants, biotech, Morgellon’s Disease, 5G, & the health impacts of wireless technology.

4. Truthstream Media Targeted Individuals & Mind Control with Dr. John Hall

An interview with Dr. Hall on targeted individuals… and guess what — they’re usually regular people, according to him.

5. Bryan 396 – Nano-tech information

Many links to articles, documents, and videos on the topics above. You’re not likely to find this stuff easily in a regular Google search. See below for more of his links.

Bryan’s tips on how to DETOX & RECOVER your health from nano: &


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