A Letter To Leftie

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Not Quite Poetry

Hello, Hand.

Thank-you, Hand, for being such an important part of my body. Even though you’re my left and I use the right for most things, without you, I believe life would be incredibly more difficult, unless of course I was born without you, rather than losing you later in life.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

What’s that, Hand? You’re welcome? Well, I appreciate that. You know, someone pointed out to me, while working as a currency exchange teller, that I dealt out money with you rather than with my right hand. I hadn’t even realized you were my dominant hand for certain things.

Think about it… How many times a day does a hand grasp, twist, turn, grab with fingers, scratch, use items like this pen (or a keyboard)? How many movements a day does a hand make? It’s probably something we all think very little about.

I can stroke a cat.

I can drink a coffee.

My Left Hand

My Left Hand

I can have a thumb war with some kids, or my grown but kid-like friends.

I can flip the bird and shield the sun.

I appreciate you.

What’s that? More hand cream? You got it.



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