Which Anti-Nano Device?

One of the most common questions I get from readers is, Which anti-nano device should I use?

As you may or may not already know, Tony Pantalleresco has three different devices to help wipe out nanoparticle programming, which help you to detox nanoparticle build-up from the body.

I agree with Tony on many things and one of them is this:

If you’re not addressing synthetic biology, then the most that any other method of healing will do for you is make you feel better for a little while…

synthetic biology

… until you relapse again and go searching for something else that will make you feel better. My 20 years’ experience on the chronic illness roller-coaster, and finally real recovery, has shown me this to be true.

Well, guess what? I’ve stopped searching and that’s why I share this with you.

I want YOU to stop the endless search and get your health, your body, your sharpness of mind, and maybe even your social life back!

So, to answer the question at the beginning – Which anti-nano device should I use? – here is my answer.

I use all three, but I do have my preferences.


I am going to talk here as if the triangle and bucket were one item, the EMP (electromagnetic pulse), and the spike another item. (If you’d like to hear some discussion on the differences and similarities of the triangle and bucket, listen to this video here https://www.bitchute.com/video/PvIzYkLWkRAr/ .

However, if I had to choose only one of the three, I’d probably choose the triangle. Why?

One, because it’s easy to use. I use it mainly dry while sitting on a couch or chair, although it can be used in a bathtub where the water will amplify the EMP. You can loop your arm or leg into it and pulse different parts of the body, and, as opposed to the bucket which doubles as a footbath, you don’t have to mess around with water or other stuff that goes into the bucket.


Two, the triangle’s EMP is wider-spread than the area that spike covers, and so it will treat more of the body at once. The spike, on the other hand, can treat a localized area of the body. I love the spike too, so I alternate between the triangle and spike.

How About The Spike?

With the spike, rather than an EMP hitting the body, a light voltage is delivered using coiled up wire which is pressed into a copper pad. The great thing about the spike is that if you have specific problem areas or just want to target a small but deep part of the body, such as the ovaries, intestines, or liver, you can do so.

You can also intensify the jolt by adding a small amount of water on the skin under the pads. Try it without the water first, though, because the intensity may already be enough for you.


Also, if you hold the pads in one part of the body long enough, you’ll notice the pulse amplifying. Once it gets a bit intense, you may want to adjust the pads to another spot. Using the spike in this way means there will be a little bit of work for you to do (not much really), whereas with the triangle, you don’t have to pay much attention to it – you just sit with it on your lap.

One word of caution, do not use the devices directly over the heart.

Overall, the spike takes a little more of your attention than the EMP, but the results can be pretty cool. For example, I have often had a mass of tough tissue on one spot of my abdomen (intestinal, I think). The triangle is great because it gets the whole abdomen, and I have often purged some foreign-looking beasties after using it.

However, with the spike, I can loosen up the hard tissue in my abdomen quite considerably in just a session or two. Of course, the more intense the spike gets, the more widespread the effect as well. This is why I like using them both.

I hope that this description helps you to decide which of the anti-nano devices you want to start using first. Once you start to eradicate synthetic biology from your body, then everything else you do (acupuncture, homeopathy, etc) will have a much better effect, and if you’re consistent with it, you will slowly notice less pain, more stamina, and life will feel a little easier bit by bit.

If you’d like to learn how to make the spike, click here: https://librti.com/view-video/how-to-make-the-spike-thwart-nanotech .

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