A Root Cause to Your Autoimmune Disorder

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There isn’t a quick fix to your autoimmune condition.

Once you accept that, then it will be easier to start to implement ways to get better, and we’ll get to why in a moment.

Are you someone who has been in good health most of your life?

Maybe you only had to deal with the occasional flu or infection, but you’ve been mostly chronically well?

And has that changed?

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For some people, an autoimmune condition comes on gradually and for some it’s sudden. Either way, it sucks and now you just want to get well, right?

So what’s going on?

Firstly, the term ‘autoimmune disease’ (or ‘autoimmune disorder)’ is a bit of a misnomer.

It basically means that your immune system is attacking your own body, usually a specific system, organ, or type of tissue. For example, with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, the immune system attacks the thyroid. With rosacea, it attacks the skin.

The common explanation for an autoimmune disorder is often unknown or broadly blamed on genetics. It’s also often stated that they are incurable. I believe this is wrong.


What is blatantly missing, and in some cases purposely left out, is that your immune system, your method of defence, has not turned against your body at all. It’s a pretty intelligent system and its job is to attack and eliminate foreign substances that threaten the body’s health, to protect you.

I’m betting you’ve gone to doctors for answers, maybe gotten some tests done, and I bet a lot of them came back negative.

Or you got some broad diagnosis like chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – which is no joke and can be debilitating – or chronic inflammation.

Where does that leave you?

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Chasing your tail… seeking relief because your doctor is likely only treating your symptoms, not the root cause. Unfortunately, that’s about the best you’re going to get from many general practitioners and possibly a lot of specialists as well.

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If you want to know what’s going on and how to get better, you have to take a holistic approach, and go back to basics. Yet, we also have to look at what’s going on in the environment in modern times and the complexity of things like synthetic biology and how that plays a part in our illness and health.

The answers are there, yet they are overlooked, clouded or shrouded in partial truths meant to keep you off the real path of discovery and health.

As I said above, the immune system’s job is to attack and eliminate foreign invaders that threaten the body… and that’s exactly why you developed this autoimmune disease!

What kind of foreign invader?

Think outside the box
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Let’s look a little outside the box at some possibilities.

In the decade prior to getting any sort of diagnosis or finding real solutions, I’d done a lot of treatments that helped me feel better, usually temporarily, but I didn’t get to the root causes till about 2018, a whole 15 years after my symptoms started. I hope I can give you a shortcut.

The root causes I’ve addressed to successfully get my health my life back are nanoparticle poisoning, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and heavy metal toxicity.

It’s this last one I’d like to talk to you about today.

Heavy Metals

Why this isn’t near the top of the list for doctors to test someone with a chronic condition nowadays, I do not know. I hear of more and more people, after being misdiagnosed or under-diagnosed with something else, continuing to suffer for years before finally being tested and treated for heavy metals.

Two personal examples are one person in my family who was misdiagnosed with MS and several acquaintances with Lyme (and myself) who also eventually found out they had heavy metal poisoning.


You can certainly go to your GP and ask for heavy metals testing, which will either be free or cost you way less than a private lab, but oftentimes the tests are unreliable. You’ll likely have to go through your naturopath on this one but you just might find a medical doctor (and maybe naturopath working alongside him or her) who is willing to do this.

When you’re ready to get tested, ask your GP or naturopath to do a provoked urine test for heavy metal toxicity.

With this kind of test, your urine is tested as a baseline, then you’re given a ‘provoking agent’, a chelator, which is a drug that will bind to the heavy metals in the body. Then you give another urine sample and that is tested to see what kind of metals the drug pushed out of your body.

This is a much more reliable test than a blood test.

Once you have your results, your ND or MD can then prescribe the correct chelation treatment to get you cleaned up. This type of test is not only quite accurate but also helps the doctor to know what drugs to use for which metals to purge; some chelating drugs work better on some metals than others do.

How Long?

Treatment time can vary depending on how much of a toxic load you are carrying. For myself, I did about four rounds of six-week treatments on DMSA, a chelating drug, with occasional EDTA IVs, as well as continuous natural chelators, like chlorella, cilantro, and pectin. I had the help of an MD and ND who worked as a team, so I got both allopathic and naturopathic treatment at the same time. Winner!

After one year, I retested and the heavy metal load was down to normal levels, and my migraines, brain fog, and anxiety dropped dramatically. I also slept better, was rejuvenating more (getting stronger), and had less of that fibromyalgia pain, which today I have almost none of.

So, you see it is possible for you to recover as well!

Keep in mind that there is not only one thing you have to address. If you’re dealing with heavy metals, you will most certainly be affected by electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). You may also be dealing with nanoparticle poisoning, as mentioned above (the three root causes), and this has another method of detoxing. Please see a number of my blog posts and coaching program on that topic.

EMF guide

In addition to that, you may have issues with mould, candida, yeast, or other sensitivities. These things will start to clear up once you get the metals out of your body and reduce the EMF strain in your environment.

Soon, all those treatments you tried before (i.e. herbs, acupuncture) will have a lasting healing effect because now you will actually be regenerating and seriously reducing your toxic load.

It’s such a relief and joy to know that you could be on your way to feeling normal again, isn’t it? It will take some work but think of it like a new workout regime; results come slowly with consistent effort. In the end, it is so very much worth it.

After all, it’s your life. What more urgent task is there to tend to?

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