How to Make an EMP Fan for Better Sleep

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Poor Sleep Sucks

Why do you have restless sleeps? How does it affect your day when you have fitful sleeps and you wake up exhausted, as if you were running or working in your sleep? It can ruin your day and it can ruin EVERY day.

EMP = Electromagnetic Pulse

Do you recall the EMP in the first Matrix movie? It was the pulse that wiped out the power and programs of the sentinels when Neo and his crew were hiding in their ship in the tunnels. The EMP rendered the machines completely useless, which is kind of like if you swiped a strong magnet against your credit card, your credit card’s program would be wiped clean and the card becomes useless.


A few years ago, as I was still feeling unwell from Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), & fibromyalgia (FM), I started diving into Tony Pantalleresco’s ( material on natural health remedies and nanotech, and I made my first electromagnetic pulsing (EMP) device, the toroidal fan.

The fan helps mitigate and scatter some of the wireless frequencies in your environment, and I noticed that while using it, I was having deeper, more restful sleeps.

All around us nowadays are frequencies carrying information, such as your Wifi router, the cell phone towers outside, and the Bluetooth speakers you use to play music from your smart phone, the mobile gadgets that people all around you are using right now.

You cannot see them or even notice anything physically, usually, but you can bet your body is affected in some way. Here is just one study that shows a few of them.

A ‘Connected’ Society

In today’s times, if you want to escape all wireless toxic electrosmog, you would have to go deep into the bush or live in a cave, but who can realistically use these extreme and unpractical ways to deal with the health effects of wireless radiation?

Not many of us, so one thing you can do is build yourself an EMP fan… or two, three, maybe even four. It’s easy!

What is this fan & how do you make it?

Fiona placing magnets on the blades

Well, first of all, it’s a simple fan that you would use on a hot day in your home. You choose what size to use. The bigger the fan, the bigger the pulse.

Here’s what you do with the fan. (You can skip to video instructions here

On your fan, you stick copper tape on the back of each blade. On the front of the blades, you stick a magnet using glue – one magnet for each blade if you’re using a small desk fan, more magnets if you’re using a bigger fan.

Almost done!

You can stick magnets on the back, too, if you want – put them over the copper tape. When gluing your magnets down, make sure they are all facing up in the same direction, i.e. all facing south up or all facing north up.

For extra hold, use hot glue and seal up any parts of the tape that could unstuck, such as folds or corners.

Once everything is glued securely in place, let the glue set for about 24 hours and then it’s ready to use!

What’s happening?

As the blades spin the magnets, the field that the magnets produce bounces slightly off the copper tape. You now have an opposing magnetic field, an electromagnetic pulse that is being pushed and pulled in different directions.

EMP fan
The completed EMP fan

This has a scattering effect on something like a cell phone tower signal or Wifi signal that crosses its path. It may not stop the signal completely, but it will likely slow it down to some degree (you can measure the radio frequencies in your home using various devices to test it out).

When you place a few of these around your sleeping space, you just may find you will have a deeper sleep.


Because your body and brain are not being hit as hard with the wireless signals that travel through your home on a constant basis. I have found one small fan to make a bit of a difference, but two or three make a noticeable difference.

Note: Don’t place the fans too close to your bed, otherwise you may absorb some of the electrical field from them, which can also interrupt your body’s natural processes.

Place them at least a few feet away or against walls or windows where you know there are Wifi routers, smart meters, or cell phone towers.

To easily make your own EMP fan, check out the video below where I show you step by step.

For a more advanced version of the fan, see Tony P’s video:


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