EMF Protective Clothing: Do They Work?

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How reliable is EMF protective clothing? Two anecdotes.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) have become more of a health hazard than many people realize. People often think that because they cannot noticeably feel EMFs (i.e. radio waves from cell phones and cell phone towers, WIFI, Lifi, AM and FM radio, etc.) that they do not exist or are harmless.

They likely don’t notice these invisible waves of energy but you can be sure they are still affected by them, and if you were to take the proper devices to measure them (affiliate link), you would see them in action. Some people can feel a difference in a highly electro-polluted environment, and some only feel the effects after being in that environment for a few hours or the better part of a day.

Cell phones

Of course, in a perfect world, the solution would be to eliminate all sources of frequencies so that we wouldn’t have to think about how to protect ourselves from them. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world, so when it comes to EMF protective clothes, I want to give you my personal experience so far in support of them and give you an important tip on how to use them effectively.

Before I go on, though, I would like to mention two things:

One, for two no-brainer ways to reduce EMFs around you, check out my blog post here.

Number two is that Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a world-renowned Lyme disease doctor, recommends to his patients as a must in his recovery program that they eliminate or reduce EMFs in their environment, including wearing EMF protective clothing. Many people have accelerated their recovery by doing this.

My Two Experiments with EMF Clothes in the Past Year: Anecdote #1

I live in a half-basement suite in a small city, and the house (and especially my suite) is nestled into the side of a mountain, so in my normal days working at home, I get pretty good natural shielding from cell towers in the area. This means that when I go into downtown Vancouver, I can usually feel a difference in energy around me.

The first handful of times I headed into Vancouver for a working day, which was only on the occasional weekend, I wasn’t wearing any of my shielding clothes (of course, I was wearing regular clothes! 😉 ).

Woman taking pills
Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

By the end of my workday, I would leave feeling exhausted and suffered headaches and sometimes full-blown migraines. I couldn’t attribute this sickness to anything else (I’d ruled out food because I brought lunch from home on several occasions, food which I’d eaten the previous day or two and felt fine), so I decided to try out my silver-fibre underclothes and grounding strap for my shoe (a.k.a. heel ground).

One day, I wore only the shirt and the heel ground and I honestly don’t remember what the result was that day. However, I do recall the next couple of times, and every occasion after that, when I wore the pants, the shirt, and the heel ground (affiliate link), and also the hat on my way to and from work.

Shoe heel grounding strap
Heel ground (grounding strap) that wraps around your shoe. Find this at LessEMF.

The difference was indeed noticeable. I recall the first time that I’d gone to work fully covered, when I left for the day, I was in wonder that I still felt clear-headed and had no pain! I could have gone out and done other activities instead of suffering on my way home like I’d done before, swallowing painkillers and clutching at my head.

What a relief! Since then, I have always worn my EMF clothes to work.

EMF Hazards Johansson

Anecdote #2

More recently, I began attending an event in downtown Vancouver. Same city but at a slightly different area and a different building, so I decided to do the experiment again.

After a 4 ½ hour event, I left feeling drained and got a splitting migraine. For the next event, I thought, I’ll go without again – maybe last time I didn’t eat enough or something.


This time, I was well fed and well rested and was not getting consistent migraines at this time, yet again, I ended up with a migraine by the end of the night.

For the third event, I wore my EMF protective shirt (affiliate link) and heel ground. Can you guess the result?

No migraine! No hint of a headache and I was still energetic by the end of the evening… Amazing!

Lambs EMF Clothing Use coupon code FFHLAMBS15 for 15% off your purchase

I have done this little experiment on days when I’ve had to go out and do some shopping, errands, or appointments, and have always noticed anywhere from a slight to high-moderate difference in how I feel when I get home.

So, what’s the key to having EMF clothes do what they’re supposed to do (besides being well-made)?

A key element is being grounded. For instance, nowadays rubber-soled shoes are the norm and do not ground your energy. If you go out wearing an EMF/silver fibre hat and/or shirt and you’re not grounded, what happens?

Cell phone tower
Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

The frequencies you get hit with won’t have anywhere to go (remember, you’ll likely pass people with cell phones & tablets, cell phone towers, and multiple WIFI signals). 

They will be deflected from the area of your body that is shielded, but your body will still build up an electromagnetic charge. When this occurs, you will start to feel drained and crappy again, so remember to wear either a heel ground or grounding shoes when you’re out.

Try out for yourself if the EMF clothing you’ve got works for you by how you feel, even if you’re not sure how electrically polluted your environment is. You might just feel a difference.


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