The Function of Darkness

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Not Quite Poetry

Originally written: November 2019

I’m surrounded by darkness. At times, I truly feel the deep, dark heaviness on this planet.

   It’s infused in the spaces between people, the objects we use, into the earth, but it doesn’t occupy every space.

   It’s like it’s trying to fit in, superimpose itself like a gel mask on a woman’s face, a woman who puts it on thinking it will suck the impurities out of her skin.

   Maybe it will.

   Maybe that’s its purpose – an overlay into our realm, these dimensions… a ‘necessary evil’? A poison to draw out poisons?

   Maybe some of what we see and call evil is really the antidote to real evil, like a scab.

  A swollen, ugly, pus-filled and itchy scab, to the ignorant child, is a menace, a problem to be picked at, picked off then thrown away.

   Yet what the child does not know is that the scab’s purpose is to cover and heal the wound beneath. Once it has worked its course, staying in check by the more abundant, healthy tissue of the host, of course – until the scab is no longer needed – it is swallowed up by the healthy, regenerative tissue or simply falls away.

   A necessary pain, an evil-looking, uncomfortable being with its own process, in order to destroy the real infection.

   If the darkness I feel does not equal the real evil pervading us, then what acts on behalf of darkness equals that which acts on behalf of light.

   What if, then, there are those of soul groups that do not resonate with God, but act like Dark Crusaders on this earth to do the jobs, the dirty work, we so-called Light Workers cannot or will not do? i.e. Does every person deserve to be living? Are there not those inhabiting a body that are so evil that they should perish?

   But then the next question is, what evil thing possesses that truly evil person, and does that thing just then jump to a new host, a new person-puppet? This is the evil the Dark Crusaders are here to extinguish. But when their job is done, they extinguish as well, just like the scab clearing the infection. The lesser of the evils finishes its job, and then its time comes to perish too.

   I feel that is what I see… the function of the darkness. Does that mean I am turning evil too, whether the harsher or the lesser of the two? Does not the darkness penetrate parts of us too at times?

   The danger is allowing it to pervade, invade, persuade, and overtake. It’s a dangerous way to play, but haven’t the best teachers sunk deeply into darkness before emerging to teach?


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