Tricky Problems & Right Solutions

You know, back in early 2020 when I realized that Covid was a fraud, I began going to protests, writing letters, and meeting with like-minded people to come up with solutions to the problem we were facing.


That time reminded me of the stories our grandparents and great-grandparents told about the wars, especially World War II when Jews were first singled out, then treated differently, and eventually were being pushed more and more into a prison all around them before the attempt to wipe them out.

Masks, vaccine mandates, being singled out for breathing fresh air, people so suddenly distrustful, and sometimes hostile, of each other for baring their faces or not using the hand sanitizer on the way into a store… it was surreal and it was madness.


I wondered when we were going to be taken away in the streets or in our beds at night for disobeying public health orders too many times.

A few have been.

But what was the solution?

It sometimes appears that the tyrants have somewhat let up on their draconian rules — okay, we are not having masks shoved down our throats and jab mandates are falling away slowly, but we have new ones such as Canada’s “online hate” bill C-63, numerous new wireless towers going up all around us emitting harmful radiation, and soupy skies almost every day. We basically still have the same agenda barreling down on us, but in a slightly different outfit.

But guess what? There is a way through this.

I know there’s often talk about solutions, but none quite like this one.

I’d like to suggest two videos for you to watch/listen to: one discusses the major problems we’re facing and the other leads into real solutions that are getting results now.

The first video is a talk by researcher Elana Freeland. She discusses a few key global issues that affect our health and autonomy, namely electronic warefare (i.e. 5G, smart meters), geoengineering, and nanotechnology and its effect on health.

Although it’s a bit long, it’s well worth a listen, even if you watch it in a few different chunks. It will help you understand the need for the solutions mentioned in the second video. Here’s the link to Elana’s talk:

In the second video, you will hear a man called Cal Washington talk about InPowerMovement and the work they are doing with Notices of Liability on the some of the same topics as Elana Freeland, vaccines, geoengineering, smart meters, and 5G (actually all the Gs, including 6G and 7G, plus more). Here’s that link:

What’s so amazing about what InPower is doing?

It’s working!

Protests and petitions got us nowhere, other than that we made some friends along the way, and for a reason – we were doing it wrong.

Cal is helping regular people like you and me fix the problems that governments and bureaucrats are creating in a way that is working, and they’re doing it lawfully and in honor. You may even want to start with this video before listening to Elana.

These are very exciting times!

I hope you can join me in getting educated on the info and methods that will make a difference for the better for us and our family’s future.

For about four years, I have been learning bits and pieces about the methods that InPower is using, until just last year when I got much more in-depth exposure to it, and I have to say it invokes the feeling of freedom in me, a knowing that this could be the solution we have been looking for.


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