Ozone: A Simple Healing Molecule

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If you’ve been a subscriber or a reader here for a while, you may have heard me say that I now believe that what made me sick was not an organic illness from a tick called Lyme disease, but instead was a mimetic, essentially a genetically modified version of the bacteria Borrelia Burgdorferi.

I did a lot of reading and researching on Lyme, especially when I was first diagnosed in 2014, and someone said to me, “Oh, Lyme disease! That’s a very controversial disease.” I wondered what she meant, till I got reading about the disagreement among ‘experts’ about where it came from.

It started to make sense to me that this wasn’t an ordinary bacterial infection due to how hard it was to eradicate. During the years before and after the diagnosis, no matter what kind of treatment I hit it with – antibiotics, herbs, acupuncture, moxibustion, homeopathic remedies, ozone therapy, low-dose immunotherapy (LDI), laser IV – nothing helped me really stay in a state of recovery and gain strength without relapses.

And I wasn’t the only one.

Many others with Lyme were going through the same thing. Nothing seemed to touch the disease, or nothing lasting anyway.

My true recovery came when I began to get rid of heavy metals and nanoparticle poisoning through chelation therapy and the use of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) device.

However, that didn’t mean that those other therapies and modalities were useless. Most, if not all of them helped me feel better temporarily before I started the heavy metal and nanoparticle (NP) detox.

Anti-nano devices
Anti-nano triangle, bucket, & EMP fan.

Once I truly started to recover though, I could use those other modalities to facilitate the detox and recovery process, a way to clean up my system and help it rebuild. I still use some of these to this day to maintain my health, but I no longer rely on them to pull me out of the dark zone.

Enter Ozone Therapy

One of the therapies mentioned above, I tried again quite recently, and it had tremendous benefit – ozone therapy.

Please note that these are simply my personal experiences with ozone treatments and ozone machines — this is not medical advice. I share this so that you can glean a bit of useful info to know whether it would be good for you to try.

First of all, what is ozone?

I’d like to use a quote from Dr. Omar Morelos of LymeMexico.com. He gives a clear, easy-to understand explanation of what ozone is. Here’s what he says:

“Ever heard that joke, ‘Why is the sky blue?’ And then the jokester comes up with a silly answer that makes everyone laugh?

Ozone Molecule

Well, there is a correct answer to that question, ozone. Ozone is what makes the sky blue. It’s found high in the atmosphere. It’s like oxygen with a superpower. Three superpowers since it’s made up of three oxygen atoms instead of two, like the air we breathe. Meaning, it goes from O2 to O3, just like that.

The third oxygen atom turns ozone from ‘this helps us live’ to ‘this helps us live and can alleviate medical problems.’ Again, it’s an invisible superpower that has been discovered to treat medical conditions successfully for decades.

Ozone, or O3, enters your body and begins to disrupt infections, harmful bacteria, and anything else that is unhealthy. This is called ozone therapy, and it has shown success in many patients fighting Lyme and other diseases.

You may be wondering how doctors get ozone since it would be difficult to grab some ozone from the sky. They clone ozone gas in a science lab. This gas can be transported anywhere and delivered to a patient in several different formats.”

You can find the rest of Dr. Morelos’ article here https://lymemexico.com/ozone-therapy-treat-lyme-disease/

What’s it Like?

I have two ozone experiences to share with you; one in 2015 and one this year, 2023. Both had very good results.

Back in 2014, I’d been dealing with chronic illness for more than 10 years already. I was extremely fatigued, my memory was terrible, I had widespread pain (fibromyalgia), gut problems, urinary problems, reproductive problems, migraines, panic attacks, insomnia – you name it! And I was only 35.

A naturopath I was seeing picked up on my symptoms, suggested I get tested for Lyme, and there it was. A diagnosis. Finally! I thought. A name for it, something I can work with.

That very same year, I had my big crash. Panic attacks and pain plagued me, I was weak, couldn’t walk or stand for very long, it hurt to eat… I was useless. All I wanted to do was sleep and make the pain go away. I had to stop work and, ultimately, I needed help from my parents.

In 2015, while living back home with the parents, with their help, I started on some aggressive naturopathic treatments for Lyme. In particular, I got started on low-dose immunotherapy (LDI), major autohemotherapy (a.k.a. blood ozone), and laser IV. This combination pulled me out of the dark zone.

Major Autohemotherapy (Blood Ozone)

This is done by the doctor putting an IV in your arm and withdrawing your blood into a bag. He then pumps the ozone gas into the blood and then feeds the blood back into your body. This oxygenates your blood, allowing for more rapid healing and killing off of pathogens.

I had done a few one-off treatments of this in 2014 before this aggressive regimen in 2015, and I recalled feeling a sense of calm, less pain, and a clearer mind afterward. I got the same results this time, with the added benefit of the other treatments.

Benefits of ozone
Image source: Recover U Technologies and Services / Unknown

This treatment lasted three months, an IV treatment once a week, until my arms screamed at me not to stick another needle in them. They were tired, and a vein collapsed on one occasion, hammering the message to stop home, so I quit the IVs and switched to herbs, which continued to assist my recovery.

Overall, my ozone treatment helped pull me out of the dark zone, that edge of existence I was in where I wasn’t sure if I was going to live or die. I began to have a bit of a social life again, I started to put more effort into my appearance, and I even went back to work eventually.

The downside to this was that I relapsed several times afterward, although never into as sickly of a state that I was in in 2014. However, the relapses went away completely once I began the heavy metal and nanoparticle detoxes in 2018 and 2019. The only slight slip back that occurs is when I change environment (i.e. I may stay somewhere where the EMF, electromagnetic frequencies, are high) or if I slack off on my diet. Other than that, it’s been only steady improvement since 2018.

My second experience with ozone was this year. I noticed that some fatigue, memory issues, and brain fog were creeping back in. In addition to that, I was finding that small tasks at home or with work were starting to seem enormous.

What was happening?

I’d been eating foods I normally avoid, so I attribute part of the reason to that. So, I decided that because it had been a few years since I’d gone for a colonic, I’d go again. Normally, I keep up with clearing my digestion using enemas or a salt water flush on occasion, but a colonic can help propel the purging process.

If you have never done one before, go! It will change your life.

Colonic machine

Along with the colonic, the clinic offered ozone rectal insufflation. I decided to go for it. This is done right after the colonic, and the nurse inserts a bit of ozone gas, via a catheter, into your rectum. Your colon, all nice and clean now, can then absorb the ozone immediately.

I tell ya… I went home that day feeling hugely calm, clear-headed, and those pesky little tasks that felt humongous appeared simple and manageable again. I felt like a new me, so I decided to go for two more sessions.

After those treatments, I felt all brand new again.

I was convinced that I it was time to get myself an ozone machine for home treatments.

Two Type of Machines

A cousin of mine, who also deals with Lyme disease, once told me that he bought his own ozone generator and uses it for home rectal insufflation. “It’s the only thing that keeps the brain fog at bay,” he told me once, so I contacted him for help in buying one.

I bought the exact machine he did, as well as the accessories for rectal insufflation (i.e. the catheters and ozone gas bags), and the oxygen regulator. For that type of machine, you need an oxygen tank (or oxygen regulator), which I didn’t have yet. (HINT: If you’re getting one of these machines, you may need a prescription for an oxygen tank. That’s for a MEDICAL oxygen tank and you’d need a MEDICAL oxygen regulator. You can bypass the headache of this by buying an INDUSTRIAL oxygen regulator and buy an oxygen tank for INDUSTRIAL USE).

Coincidentally, I got talking to a nurse/wellness practitioner friend about this and she mentioned the ozone machines she suggests to her clients. It’s a bit different.

The one she uses is the kind that you can ozonate water with. This does not require an oxygen tank, and instead of inserting ozone gas into the rectum, you would ozonate the enema water right before doing an enema. This way, you are flushing the bowels with ozonated water, sort of a 2-in-1 home version of my colonic and ozone gas insufflation treatment at the clinic.

And as an added bonus, the water ozone machines are cheaper, smaller, and more portable.

An example of an ozone generator for water. There are many brands to choose from.

Just a note on both of these…

…you can also treat the ears using a stethoscope (and some other tubing and oxygen bubbler), the sinuses, and limbs… and, of course, you can ozonate water to drink and ozonate oil to put on topically.

(Sidenote, I still use my EMP/anti-nano devices in order to purge nanoparticle build-up in the body in combination with ozone.)

So far, I haven’t used the first machine, the one that requires an oxygen tank. I got the water ozonator instead and have used that a number of times.

My experience with that has been similar to the results at the clinic, whether I’m doing an ozone water enema, and ozone water vaginal douche, drinking the water, or splashing it on my face (usually a combination of these) – the result is that I feel a renewed sense of calm, clarity, and energy.

However, I have to say that my first ozone enema was so powerful that the next day I had to lie down for a very long, yet rejuvenating, nap, so if you try this start slowly, only ozonating the water for about five minutes to start.

One more note on that…

Ozone does not hold in warm water for more than about five minutes. It will hold in cold water, so you can ozonate cold water for drinking and store it in the fridge to drink ozonated water later, but for the ozone water enema, you must heat your water to body temperature first, then ozonate it, then use it in your enema immediately.

Remember, if you’re going to try this, just like any other protocol, whether it’s herbs or some other kinds of detox procedure, take it easy, do some research, start slow and listen to your body.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of ozone therapy, and I feel it is one of the easiest ways you can accelerate your recovery from chronic or even acute illnesses.


International Scientific Community on Ozone Therapy (ISCO3) website: https://isco3.org/

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