The Mind & Dis-ease

As I come full circle back to exploring how the mind, our past, our traumas, and experiences affect the body, I am reminded of more moments in my life when I seemed to purge some emotional baggage and then, surprisingly, observed a reduction or elimination of some of my chronic symptoms.

I can trace back when the bulk of the chronic issues began. Was it an insect bite or was it emotional trauma? Was it a bacterial infection or was it PTSD?

One of my first big clues that it was emotional was during a massage with Hilda, 11 full years into my health problems. (You can read that full blog post here, plus a follow up, Letter to Hilda).


Once I’d started to get better by purging nanoparticle and heavy metal toxicity from my body, I knew there was a physical answer. But isn’t it coincidental that the major problems from this began at the same time as the emotional trauma? That’s why I suspect it’s a simultaneous action.

Once I began to get better, I sort of left the idea of emotions and health to the side, even though, now that I think of it, I did a lot of introspection during the days when I was at my worst. I spent many days alone, tussling with mood swings and crying fits, and facing the possibility that I may be leaving my body soon. That part didn’t scare me too much, actually. It was a catalyst in my awakening.

Now, as I explore this topic again, I am looking at it with different eyes and listening to people’s stories.

One of those stories is from a young woman named Hannah Jackson who I met recently. At a young age, in her teens, she began to experience chronic back pain which then morphed into pain in other parts of the bodies, including headaches, and she thought her future was over.

In this video, you will hear how Hannah overcame her pain and chronic issues by utilizing Dr. John E. Sarno’s methods from his book entitled Healing Back Pain.

You can find all the links plus Hannah’s contact information below or in the video description box.

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Author Dr. John E. Sarno & his books Healing Back Pain & The Divided Mind


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