Forces, Time, & Déjà Vu

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It Got Me Thinking…

Something that I heard in a podcast recently is picking at my mind, and I’ve heard this before.

It’s that people are not evolved enough to handle the technology that is present on Earth, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), computers, and the like.

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In a way I agree because the more I learn about AI and the complexities of its emergence with our bodies, and the bodies of Earth’s living things, the more my mind is blown. It is then that I realize I’ve hardly scratched the surface.

To state that people are not evolved enough for the tech is true in the way that we are a little bit stupid…

No, we have been corrupted into being stupid.

You Are More Than You Think You Are

Our potential is immense but we have been snared, hijacked, programmed, and are now controlled by other forces. Call them entities, aliens, alien technology, or something that operates on frequencies that we cannot detect.

They then operate in the physical, third dimension which is what we can see and experience with our senses, and then some of the entities become groups of people, governments, organizations, etc.

Some, I think, remain out of our capacity to see, but we can often still detect them (think of those ‘weird’ happenings but also think about energy that travels around us that we cannot see, such as radio waves and WIFI).

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

I believe at one time that we could detect those other forces, other realms, and other beings and entities at full capacity.

Afterall, it’s proven that we send and receive messages to each other on a subtle level, such as when you turn your head for no reason and lock eyes with someone.

There is no doubt in my mind that all of us detect the unseen forces to some degree – some to a great degree, but not many.

The story that we are evolving, I feel, is only partly true because many people are waking up to the truth of how insane and backwards the world is.

They are questioning systems and challenging them (although, there have always been societies that have stood up and challenged authority… is our time, our “war”, any different from those of the past, I wonder?).

A Natural Process?

Cliff in ocean

So to say that this evolution is a natural process is true in that we are overcoming the mind control, but it is bound and meant to happen because our natural state is purity, love, acceptance, and non-resistance (but not compliance).

Evolving would not have had to happen if our species had not been tampered with in the first place. Before being corrupted, our species, and probably those we share the earth with, lived with and fed on creator source energy.

Now, we feed off each other, physically, emotionally, and etherically, just as the ‘other’ forces feed off us.

Of course, we are still connected to and are fed by creator source energy – it’s what animates us – but we are becoming disconnected from it somehow.

Cherubs & Skulls

Evolution, perhaps, could mean that we are regenerating from a broken state back to our original way of being, people with fully functional minds and open hearts.

The problem is the forces that are doing their best to keep us sick, stupid, and enslaved.

A little note about TIME…

You’ve probably heard the expression that “all points of time happen at once”.

I never really got what people meant when they said that.

Photo by Analia Baggiano on Unsplash

I paid a little attention, but it usually came from someone who I considered a hippy who’d done too many drugs. I thought the concept was a bit too far out, but I’ve kept revisiting it over the years. 

Nevertheless, I have always been open to possibilities of strange, “other-worldly” occurrences and often had déjà vus. When I was about 20, I had a really intense déjà vu followed by a series of a few more within a year or two. They trickled out a bit after about five years, but they still came. 

What was interesting about them in those earlier years was that these ones were glimpses of events I had seen but had not seen yet. I knew I’d done the things I was seeing, but I hadn’t done them yet (I guess this is the definition of déjà vu, but just hang in there for a sec). It was like I was looking at something familiar that I was looking at at a future time.

Foldings of Time

The more bizarre part of this is that in approximately the last five years, I have been getting déjà vus but instead of looking at familiar future things, I am seeing the events of the déjà vu of my younger years, and seeing my past self see the event through my eyes now.

I am able to see and connect with my past self who seems to be peering through a tube that has shot her 20 years into the future to see through my eyes today.

And today, I get glimpses, or tap into, my past self having this experience. 

Further to this, I now not only tap into the déjà vus of my present life, but also I am starting to jump to other events that I feel are moments of previous lives.

These images are much less clear than the present life glimpses, though, so I am unable to put into words just yet what I see.

However, the brief images of my surroundings, my own body, and the feeling I get tell me that these are moments of my past lives, another concept I have maintained high skepticism on.

The Observer

The Observer
The Observer: The ‘You’ Behind the ‘Personal You’

When I recall those visions, I think of the image to the right (yup, I drew it… not much of an artist, I know!):

It looks incredibly simple and basic, but that is the beauty of life. The answers are simple, if we can see them in the first place.

Think of the Observer as your soul, divine self, or the etheric part of you. I’ve called it the Observer because of its position observing all events.

Within or behind the Observer is the subtle you that animates the rest of you, such as your body and its bones, blood, and brain. The points below are all moments or events in the time construct. They could be of any lifetime, not just your current one.


If I am glimpsing moments in the past of this life and of other lives, it’s as if I’m seeing things through the eyes of the Observer.

To the Observer, all of these events are happening at the same time (“All points of time happen at once”), so if one sees things from this perspective, one can see all events, past and future.

The result could be that you can avoid getting caught up in uncomfortable situations since you would know what is coming around the next corner.

I feel that this could also explain why events from our past lives affect us in this life – because they’re happening simultaneously to this life!

Observe, Don’t Absorb

I like a phrase from a book I once read called Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette (affiliate link). She says “Observe, don’t absorb.” It reminds me not to get caught up emotionally in circumstances.

I’d like to say that I live from the still point of the Observer continuously, but it’s not a continuous thing yet.

Like you, I live within the construct of time and a physical body with part of my being, not all of my being. The other part operates on those subtle levels sending and receiving subtle messages, as mentioned earlier, so I still find myself in unpleasant circumstances from time to time.

But perhaps this is what all this talk of awakening and evolution is all about – coming back to the realization that you, the real, whole you, are uncovering yourself, repairing your body to its natural state of purity, love, acceptance, and peace.

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Trust Your Vibes Book

Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette (affiliate link to

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