Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia... the sexy ailments of today? Dig a little deeper, set yourself free, & be autonomous in your health management. That's what this blog is dedicated to by sharing stories, remedies, & open-hearted direction. 

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Lyme, CFS, Nano, & Frequencies


Tricky Problems & Right Solutions

Masks, vaccine mandates, being singled out for breathing fresh air, people so suddenly distrustful, and sometimes hostile, of each other for baring their faces or not using the hand sanitizer on the way into a store… it was surreal and it was madness.

Which one?

Which Anti-Nano Device?

There are three different devices to help wipe out nanoparticle build-up in the body. Which one is best?


A Root Cause to Your Autoimmune Disorder

Heavy metals... Why this isn’t near the top of the list for doctors to test someone with a chronic condition nowadays, I do not know.

Ozone Molecule

Ozone: A Simple Healing Molecule

Ozone, or O3, enters your body and begins to disrupt infections, harmful bacteria, and anything else that is unhealthy. This is called ozone therapy, and it has shown success in many patients fighting Lyme and other diseases.

Fiona & Tony

Chat with Tony P: Covid, Jabs, & Nano

Tony & I chat about the assault on mankind today by way of medical tyranny, frequencies, & conditioning.


3 Root Causes of Chronic Illness: Librti Interview

In our chat, Norbert & I talk about 3 root causes to chronic health issues that I discovered & the behemoth corporations that fund where they come from.

Liberty Talk Interview

Liberty Talk Canada: Talking Nanotech With Odessa

In our chat we look at some shocking pictures of particles, fibres, & crystalline structures that I and others have pulled out of our bodies.

EMP devices

When Do You Get Results From the Anti-Nano Device?

When it comes to using the anti-nano (EMP) bucket or triangle, people ask: How long does it take to see results in my health? The answer depends on a few things...

Gut Brain

Fix Your Brain by Repairing Your Gut

It had been a long time since I’d eaten land animals, so when my naturopath suggested that I try out the GAPS diet, I had to think very hard about it...


How to Make an EMP Fan for Better Sleep

The fan helps mitigate and scatter some of the wireless frequencies in your environment, and I noticed that while using it, I was having deeper, more restful sleeps.

Cell phone tower

EMF Protective Clothing: Do They Work?

When it comes to EMF protective clothes, I want to give you my personal experience so far in support of them and give you an important tip on how to use them effectively.

Social distancing floor sticker

Parallels of Lyme & Covid

There are some fishy things in the origins of Lyme disease, and many suspect it was something created (or modified from the real organism) in a lab.

Fiona & Odessa

Liberty Talk Interview With Odessa

I had the pleasure of speaking with Odessa Orleweitz of Liberty Talk With Odessa and as well as with my friend Tony Pantalleresco on the topic of nanoparticle poisoning.

Tony & Fiona

Lyme or Nano?

In this video, we talk mostly of nano-particle poisoning, which may in fact be the reason for the rise of chronic disease in the past four to six decades.

Nano Fibres

Nano, Neuroscience, 5G, Health, & You — Presenting the Experts

5 expert resources on essential topics of the mind, frequencies, & environment.

EMFs/Cell Radiation on Brain

2 No-Brainer Ways to Reduce EMFs Around You

There is plenty of evidence that EMFs, including WIFI and cell phone radiation, are harmful to health. Symptoms include sleep disturbances, restless legs syndrome, headaches and migraines, irritability, memory loss.

Pills & Bullets

What’s That Doing In My Supplements? Exploring Excipients

The additives in drugs, supplements, and packaged food often far outnumber the proper ingredients that hold any nutrition. This includes many products in what is known as the Health Food Industry.

Frequencies & Protecting Your Body

Since the frequencies are everywhere now, we need some protection. There are lots of things you can do.

Mercola Interviews Klinghardt on Lyme Disease

Government documents from the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s were leaked to the public that indicated that there was experimentation being done “to recombine microbes with other stealth microbes that make large populations ill and lose their will to fight and attack”.

Mad Scientist

Are You Hyper-Conductive? The Remedy Take-Aways

Terahertz frequencies amplify the detrimental effects on the cells. Integration of C60 into your body can lead to the destruction of your mitochondria and your DNA.

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Emotions & Health

Body, Mind, Spirit
Sick in bed

In a Dying State

I didn’t know I was dying until I got better… well, almost better.

Hannah & me

The Mind & Dis-ease

At a young age, she began to experience chronic back pain which then morphed into pain in other parts of the bodies, including headaches, and she thought her future was over.


The Overpopulation Lie

The overpopulation lie is an element of the narrative that mankind is to blame for killing the earth. It states that you are a disease in need of eradication.


A Letter to Hilda

My womb was weeping every time the blood came, except I didn’t want to admit that I was crying for my children.

Power Outage

The Silencing of Machines

It is the silencing of machines, the ambient glow of a candle, and a release in my brain from the many things I might be doing...

Parallel world

Revisiting Time, Forces, & Déjà Vu

I feel a little like Neo and Trinity in The Matrix, like I’m in a pod at a base station somewhere...

Child Christmas

The Santa Lie

I discovered in grade three that, in fact, no, I wasn’t the only one who’d been duped, as I overheard some kids making fun of a few others for still believing in Santa Claus.


Tales of Self-Healing

Lately I’ve been reading of accounts of people and self-healing incidents that are sometimes called miraculous.


Forces, Time, & Déjà Vu

Think of the Observer as your soul, divine self, or the etheric part of you. I’ve called it the Observer because of its position observing all events.

HIlda Peill


One of my first experiences of shedding persistent physical symptoms as a result of an emotional release came three years ago.

Women! Land in Your Body

If what has been happening to me over the last four or five years can be considered an awakening, I guess that’s when it started...

My Body Knew

I recall the moment I could not make myself do yoga, a practice that I’d been doing for three years,...


If You’re Sick You’re Stupid

If you suffer from a multisystem chronic illness, such as Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), or fibromyalgia (FM),...

The Bodies & The Skewing of the Natural Order

 The Physical Body I believe that illness falls into every realm of our being, meaning it can manifest in the...

Fun Stuff

& Miscellaneous
Van Rally

‘Rona Haikus – A Not-Quite-Poetry Special Edition

The full 2021 collection of some 'freedom' haikus, previously only seen at the Vancouver freedom rallies.

Books & Tea

Books & Tea 2: Holographic Mind, Ladies, Gentlemen

Another little reading session, this one about the effect of imagery on the mind.


Books & Tea: Pilot

In this video, I scroll through a very old book, published in 1854, & look at references to turpentine as medicine.


A Letter To Leftie

Thank-you, Hand, for being such an important part of my body. Even though you’re my left and I use the right for most things, without you, I believe life would be incredibly more difficult...

Happy Song

My then-boyfriend and I were hitchhiking back home to Lake Louise from Banff. We were on the exit ramp. It was dusk.

The Dark Side

Woman's Face

The Function of Darkness

I’m surrounded by darkness. At times, I truly feel the deep, dark heaviness on this planet.

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