Revisiting Time, Forces, & Déjà Vu

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A day goes by like an hour.

A week like three days.

A year like six months.

Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali

Do you feel the warp in time like I do? That’s a rabbit hole discussion I like to get into with my truther friends – what is the nature of time and space? Do we exist in more than one timeline?

I feel a little like Neo and Trinity in The Matrix, like I’m in a pod at a base station somewhere and I’m hooked into life here, but also to all those so-called past lives.

I used to believe that what we call past lives were on a linear time scale, but a little reading on quantum physics and some experiences that I have no real label for, except perhaps something like a déjà vu, have shown me that the linear model is wrong. I wrote about this experience in my blog post Forces, Time, & Déjà Vu.

Looking Through the Tube

In that post, one of the things I described was a déjà vu experience I’d had when I was about 21. At that time, I was seeing a sort of classic déjà vu, like a scene was replaying in front of me, but I also had the sensation of my future self looking back at my 21-year old self having the déjà vu.

Parallel world

About 15 years later, I had flashbacks of that 21-year old me having that experience… and my 21-year old me was aware of the 36-year old me, and vice versa. It was like I was existing in both timelines at once and was aware of myself animating — what? Myself, I guess — in each timeline. It’s like I’m looking through a tube at another of myself, and sometimes I sort of jump off to the side. However, when I go to the side, it’s not this life, it’s another (‘past’) life occurring simultaneously.

Perception Projection

I guess this is why I’m so fascinated with the movie Arrival in which a linguist and a mathematician are recruited to decode the language of aliens who have parked their ship on Earth.

In the movie, Louise is faced with their ultimate task which is to put a stop to a war with the aliens by figuring out how to communicate with them. (Spoiler alert!). At the climax, she must get a message to the Chinese president and she does it in the most unusual way.

She unintentionally discovers how to send her awareness to herself into the future in order to gather the information she needs in the present (her present. She also flips from present to past at times). Her breakthrough saves the day and her work leads to clear communication with the aliens and world peace. Nice, eh?

Perception of Time

People often say that they feel time being warped, sped up, or manipulated somehow. That’s their sensation but most people don’t actually think there is a distortion in what we perceive as time, do they?

In the last two years, we have seen evil emerge from the shadows (and in the spotlight), and we are seeing a mixing, disrupting, and distorting of relationships, communities, societies, and livelihoods. This is all by design, as you probably know, dear reader, if you have been looking beyond mainstream news and thinking for yourself (and I bet you have, if you’ve read this far! ).

However, is all the kafuffle-by-design in the world here to distract us from the deeper things going on, like changes to the fabric of time and space, changes (glitches) in the matrix, to the hologram we live in? I believe it was Bruce Lipton who said that The Matrix movie is not a movie; it is a documentary. I think he’s correct.

Why is it that some of us sense this thing with time and some don’t? If it is indeed happening, then it’s likely that everyone is affected by it, just like we’re all affected by the phases of the moon, even if we don’t realize it.

A little survey I sent out… not quite a reliable sample size, but it was fun anyway 🙂

I believe that our natural state is to be able to perceive well beyond what we do in these three dimensions and beyond visible light. We know for a fact that we are affected by unseen energy, like radio waves and microwave radiation, but I think our potential abilities go much farther than that.

There could be those who move about in those other frequencies – if there are, are they aware of us? I think perhaps so, just like we sometimes are aware of them and sometimes are not. Here’s what I mean…

Rogue Programs

Remember Neo’s conversation with the Oracle in the second Matrix movie? They touch on sensing beyond the physical as they’re talking about how there are programs everywhere:

Oracle: There are programs running all over the place. The ones doing their job, doing what they were meant to do, are invisible. You’d never even know they were here. The other ones… well, you hear about them all the time.

Neo: I’ve never heard of them.

Oracle: Oh, of course you have. Every time you’ve heard someone say they saw a ghost or an angel. Every story you’ve ever heard about vampires, werewolves, or aliens is the system assimilating some program that’s doing something they’re not supposed to be doing.

What do you think? Could there be some truth in what she says? In the movie, they speak in terms of artificial intelligence, and some believe we live in an AI simulation of some sort. Or, do you think it’s metaphorical?

The Future

Over the past few (awakening) years, I have recovered by detoxing a lot of toxins, namely heavy metals and nanoparticles. These kept me from thriving and nearly took me out completely. I’ve reduced my EMF exposure, too. I suspect that this recovery has played a part in seeing things differently, both in mental perception (like the time shift) and being more in tune to what’s beyond the five senses (not to mention physical strength and stamina).

There are a number of things that will lead to a life of truth, harmony, good health, and freedom. Of course, we have to do things like slow down, examine and change our mindset at times, and cultivate nourishing relationships, but I also believe that once you start to remove heavy metals and nanoparticles from your body, you will be removing toxins that block your essence from coming through.

Eventually, you may find that all that meditation, the mind-over-matter stuff, the visualization… all of these will have new power when you do them. That’s what I believe deep down. I believe our potential is being squashed –  and once that is set free… boy look out, here we come. Then, like Neo, you will start to see the truth of things. The walls of the matrix will begin to warp and crumble, and your efforts in everything else will propel to a grand new level of existence.


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