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It’s been a sickly number of weeks thus the major delay in getting a post to you, so this one will be short and sweet with a couple of videos to guide you.

If you’re not an engineer, an electrician, or a communications specialist, then the following list might be helpful. If you are one of the above, this is grade school. However, I have found in my exploration into EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), and all other frequencies that people put under the umbrella of EMF that, as a non-techy kind of person (my speciality is linguistics, words, and the healing arts), the frequencies that abound our environment are a bit more complex than I once knew.

Therefore, I threw together this simple list of some acronyms and their meanings. Of course, more information is a click away if you need more.


RF – Radio Frequency

EMF – Electromagnetic Frequency or Electromagnetic Force or Electromagnetic Field

ELF– Extremely Low Frequency — Radio waves from 3 Hz to 30 Hz. Example: Lightening & other “natural disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field”, submarine communication

LF– low frequency — 30k Hz to 300 kHz. Example: AM radio frequency broadcasting, submarine communication (up to 50 kHz)

Microwave – 1 GHz to over 100 GHz, normally divided up into different bands. Check out this neat chart on for examples on each band.

GHz– Gigahertz — frequencies equivalent to one thousand million (109) cycles per second.

Thz – Terahertz, a.k.a. submillimetre radiation — 300 Ghz to 3 Thz — frequencies equivalent to one thousand million (1012) cycles per second. THESE FREQUENCIES CAN ALTER YOUR DNA!! Read the document at this link:


Electric fields (anything that is powered with electricity, i.e. appliances, electronics, electrical wiring, power cords).

Magnetic fields (imbalanced wiring, motors such as that on your fridge, clock radios, the power meter for your house):

Power lines

Metal plumbing

Wireless communication (cell phones, tablets, cell phone towers, cordless phones and their bases). These emit both electric fields and magnetic fields. Children are most susceptible to these.


Since the frequencies are everywhere now, we need some protection. There are lots of things you can do and I encourage you to check out the YouTube channel HerbsPlusBeadWorks for lots of DIY stuff to do just that. In the videos below, I show you some fabric that can block some frequencies and protect your body.

EMF Material to Protect Your Head

So does the material work? Check out the next video:


For the nickel fabric, there are a number of eBay stores that sell it. The one I got mine from is called ‘cnhomesupplies (284)’.

For an electrosmog meter, there are many to choose from — it all depends on how much you want to spend and how basic or fancy you want to be. The one in the video can be purchased here (affiliate link).


Keep researching, trying things out, sharing what you learn. We are meant to help each other out, not be lone (lonely) wolves in a sea of people.

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