Greetings, Earthlings! I’m glad you stopped by because I bet you’ve been like me; searching for answers to your health problems and possibly getting nowhere, or not very far.

I’d like to share with you some personal accounts of my journey and point you in the direction of better health. I’d also like to hear your stories and learn from you.

Fiona T

I won’t go into detail here on how I got onto this path (I’ll share it bit by bit in my posts) but will tell you in short.

In short, my health began to decline at age 24. I rode a roller-coaster of health and sickness, decent doctors and many not, modality after modality, treatment after treatment, and remedy after remedy.

In this sense, I can inform you about what some of these treatments entail, but after 15 years, I realize the problems are much bigger and deeper than a simple pathogen to be cured with a simple medicine.

Although I still believe in practices such as reflexology, which I highly enjoy doing with people, I have come full circle back to the childlike realisation of simplicity, meaning, ‘less is more’. 

What I have learned most recently about what causes ill health for me and many others has rocked my world and that is what I want to share with you. I don’t just want to tell you what I know, I want to hear your experiences too so we can learn from each other and help improve our planet for the new generations.

If you’re ready, open your eyes and your mind and let’s start with the first post where I’ll explain a bit more about how I got onto this path — Welcome to My Site.

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