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Here you will find sources of products and information that I believe will benefit you. Some things, I have personally used and found helpful in my recovery. Others, I feel are beneficial due to research and others’ experience.

Many of the products you see listed here are affiliate links, which is super cool because…

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Anti-nano devices


Bucket $300 + shipping

Use it as a foot bath with the EMP pulse to help clear out nanoparticles.

Triangle $400 + shipping

Use it in a bathtub for a fuller body treatment (same goal as the bucket) or use it dry while sitting in a chair/on a couch.

Spike $300 + shipping

Thwarts nanoparticles in the body & may help against spread of 💉 effects.

Fan Not selling fans at the moment. Please see my blog post here on how to make one. Use it to help disperse & deflect electro-smog in your environment, especially you sleeping space.


To learn more about these & see the bucket in use, check out my blog post . Also, check out the inventor of these devices, Tony Pantalleresco at &

Free Document Download –>

Group coaching

Get the Nano-Detox Coaching Recordings $129 CAD

Includes: Bucket & triangle making instructions, 4 hours of recorded workshop videos, Remedies document, Goodies You Can Eat While on the Nano-Detox document, nano-toxicity recourses, & access to the Nano Detox Community for continuous support with others from the program.

For more details or questions, contact Fiona here or book a call to have your questions addressed.

Book a call:


Lambs radiation proof apparel carries men’s radio frequency & EMF protective underwear — with the environment saturated with frequencies, these will help protect your most sensitive parts. Women’s are coming soon! Get 15% off using this link.


Less EMF is the superstore of EMF protective products & gadgets, including meters, home shielding, device adapters, & fabric to make your own canopies or clothes if you’re thrifty. I have used their clothes for some time now & always notice a difference in my health when I do.

Shop EMF Meters & Shielding


iHerb was my favourite online health food store when living in Asia where it was hard to find western products. They’ve got a good selection of supplements, fragrance free products, & various food items. Coupon Code Attached — 10% New Customers, 5% Returning Customers

iHerb Logo

Happy Feet Plus offers a variety of super comfy footwear, including reflexology shoes, shoe with little bumps on them to massage your feet while you walk.

Happy Feet Plus


Abe Books

AbeBooks: AbeBooks is an online bookseller with many choices of used books, including textbooks & rare finds. I love it cuz I can usually find the books I need at about half the regular price. BACK TO SCHOOL: Shop Used Textbooks at AbeBooks with Free Shipping!


Heal Your Gut Cookbok

This is kind of my GAPS diet Bible. It tells you how to get started on GAPS & gives recipes for each stage.

Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom Book

I love this book for the stories & solutions to physical & emotional women’s health


Can you believe that J.R. Watkins has been around for more than 150 years? That’s got to tell you they’re doing something right. I liked their stuff so much, I became a member to get the discounts & make a little money. If you’d like to do the same, follow this link or this one OR contact me to have a conversation about how you can make some money with J.R. Watkins.

If you transfer money between countries, you’ll want to check out Wise. It has been my solution to converting currency, getting good rates, & paying low fees — a dream come true! You can have an account that holds multiple currencies, transfer to your home account, or to others’ accounts. With this link, transfer your first $800 CAD for free.


My Favourite People & Independent Media

Tony Pantalleresco: Health & nano-biotechnology, home remedies, make your own EMP devices. Links: & Find him on YouTube under HerbsPlusBeadWorks and on Bitchute AND his podcast at

Solutions 4 Mankind — Anti-nano devices, EMF protection apparel

Cherie Henderson — — Wellness practitioner integrating modern techniques with holistic and anti-nano methods.

Kim Bochinski M.A. — Christian Counselling & Spiritual Issues, Trauma and Critical Incident, Grief & Loss, Abuse, Parenting, Relationships, Family

FM8 — Nanobiotech research, anti-nano devices, & health support.

Zac of — Nanotech research & information – Canada’s newest free-speech platform + Odessa Orlewicz

Dan Dicks at Press For Truth

Canada Poli

Not TV – Canadian Independent News Channel

Rebel News

James Corbett The Corbett Report

Amazing Polly

Dave Cullen

We Are Change

PEERS — Public Education & Empowerment Resource Service

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