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Here you will find products and information that I believe to be of benefit to you. Some things, I have personally used and found helpful in my recovery. Others, I feel are beneficial due to research and others’ experience.

Many of the products you see listed here are affiliate links, which is super cool because:

A: You may get discounts or coupons that other shoppers won’t receive 

B: I may receive a small commission of that sale – thank-you! I like cash too, as it allows me to eat, live, & be merry, just like you. (By the way, the cost does NOT go up if I receive a commission.This comes out of the company’s pocket)

C: We engage in a friendly exchange for the information you receive here.

Of course, if you decide you’d prefer to shop straight from the company, that’s up to you, but if you’re thinking you’d like to give something in return for something useful you have read here, please consider buying through my links. I thank you muchly!

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