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Here you will find sources of products and information that I believe will benefit you. Some things, I have personally used and found helpful in my recovery. Others, I feel are beneficial due to research and others’ experience.

Many of the products you see listed here are affiliate links, which is super cool because…

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A: You may get discounts or coupons that other shoppers won’t receive.

B: I may receive a small commission of that sale – thank-you! By the way, the cost does NOT go up if I receive a commission.

C: We engage in a friendly exchange for the information you receive here.

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Frequency Protection (i.e. EMF)

Lambs radiation proof apparel carries men’s radio frequency & EMF protective underwear — with the environment saturated with frequencies, these will help protect your most sensitive parts. Women’s are coming soon! Get 15% off using this link.


Yoga & Related

Sat Nam Europe is a one-stop shop for all your yoga, ayurvedic, & regular health store needs. They carry an excellent collection of kundalini yoga music, clothing, & books as well.

Yoga Outlet carries all kinds of yoga paraphernalia, like mats, blocks, incense, meditation cushions, all kinds of clothing, you name it. They also have sections with discounts like those leggings with the great patterns on them.


Groceries & Body Care

Can you believe that J.R. Watkins has been around for more than 150 years? That’s got to tell you they’re doing something right. I am a big fan of the medicated ointment, their cinnamon, & new fragrance free hand & body cream. Also, they always have something on sale. Actually, right now, they doing a monthly giveaway. It works like this: I refer you, you refer a friend, if your friend wins the prize, you get the same prize! And for till April 30, 2020, a yearly membership is only $14.95.

iHerb was my favourite online health food store when living in Asia where it was hard to find western products. They’ve got a good selection of supplements, fragrance free products, & various food items. Coupon Code Attached — 10% New Customers, 5% Returning Customers

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Happy Feet Plus offers a variety of super comfy footwear, including reflexology shoes, shoe with little bumps on them to massage your feet while you walk.

Happy Feet Plus


Abe Books

AbeBooks: AbeBooks is an online bookseller with many choices of used books, including textbooks & rare finds. I love it cuz I can usually find the books I need at about half the regular price.


Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom Book
I love this book for the combination of physical & emotional connections in women’s health.
Heal Your Gut Cookbok
This is kind of my GAPS diet Bible. It tells you how to get started on GAPS & gives recipes for each stage.


If you transfer money between countries, you’ll want to check out TransferWise. It has been my solution to converting currency, getting good rates, & paying low fees — a dream come true! You can have an account that holds multiple currencies, transfer to your home account, or to others’ accounts. With this link, Transfer your first $800 CAD for free.

AWeber has been a wonderful help in beginning my business. Whenever I have needed help creating nice email broadcasts for this blog, I can call them up and talk to a real human. To me, that’s golden!


My Favourite People & Independent Media

PEERS — Public Education & Empowerment Resource Service:

Tony Pantalleresco: Find him on YouTube under HerbsPlusBeadWorks and also at

Bryan 396 &

Dan Dicks at Press For Truth

Rebel News

James Corbett The Corbett Report

Bye Bye Blue Sky