Mercola Interviews Klinghardt on Lyme Disease

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Recently, I listened to Dr. Joe Mercola interview Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, one of the top medical professionals in the world in the treatment of Lyme disease.

The entire interview contains some gems of information, a few of which I present.

But what interested me the most was Dr. Klinghardt’s comments on electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in connection with Lyme disease, as well as some connections between Lyme disease as most of us know it, a bacterial infection, and Lyme disease as a nano-biotechnological pathogen.

Tony Pantalleresco talks about this in his podcasts (find all reference links at the end of this article).


To start off, Dr. Klinghardt talks about the contraction of Lyme disease. As you may already know, ticks can carry and transmit the disease, and often this is the only method of contraction that is talked about in mainstream media or in the allopathic medical community.

However, Klinghardt states that people may contract Lyme disease from mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, and mites.

In fact, he mentions Dr. Lida Mattman who states the probability that almost 100% of people in the USA have Lyme disease. Not all are sick, he says, but most have it.

Check out a brief explanation of the spread of Lyme disease by Dr. Mattman:

Later, Dr. Mercola asks Dr. Klinghardt where Lyme came from. The answer is a bit of a mystery but Klinghardt is quite sure that these microbes have been with us for a very long time (centuries) except that in the past 50 or 60 years, the microbes have changed in that they have become more robust and “virulent”.

But why has this happened? Why in the last half-century have these microbes, which used to live with humans symbiotically for centuries, now changed to become more troublesome and ill-inducing for people?


First, Klinghardt says, government documents from the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s were leaked to the public that indicated that there was experimentation being done “to recombine microbes with other stealth microbes that make large populations ill and lose their will to fight and attack”.

This statement is congruent with the research that Tony Pantalleresco and Bryan396 have been discovering and presenting.

They state that many pathogens these days may not be entirely organic anymore but are instead synthetically engineered pathogens and assembled nano-particles. It could explain why, in the past, when a person treated his or her illness with a traditional medicine or medication, the illness often went away.

However, today, there is a rise in resistant bacteria and chronic diseases that do not respond to treatments, with the exception perhaps of those who employ the anti-nano protocol as lain out by Tony P.

For a more thorough introduction to nano-poisoning, please check out my blog posts on nano (Why Can’t You Get Better: It Could Be Nano-Particle Poisoning and Nano Not Lyme).

Also, go to Tony’s website and click on the various links on nano at the bottom of his page.


Klinghardt gives another explanation for the increased virulence of Lyme disease. He believes that the increase of electrosmog has been playing a large role. Electrosmog is exactly what it sounds like: pollution caused by electricity.

Radar Tower Germany
Photo by Michael Schiffer on Unsplash

Not just electricity but electricity powered frequencies, such as electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), Wi-Fi connections, radio waves, microwaves, terahertz frequencies, and dirty electricity. In fact, Klinghardt says, EMFs and microwaves in our environment double every year.

He also states that Lyme becoming so prevalent and disabling cannot be solely biologically explained, and that there must be some kind of human interference upon it, whether from electrosmog or from clandestine experimentation, or both. It may very well be, as I have heard Tony talk about in his podcasts, that in these experiments synthetic pathogens (think genetically modified pathogens which hold a program like a little computer chip) were created then released on the general population.

At the same time, frequencies in our environment have increased exponentially in recent years. We are told it is for our ‘convenience’ and ‘safety’. Instead, in order to activate the programmed pathogens within the human body, a frequency is required. The result is often an unexplainable and multi-system illness with repeated negative results in lab tests.


Think about how prevalent Wi-Fi is now; it is available in almost every coffee shop, most restaurants, doctors’ offices, malls, even in outdoor public areas.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

In some cities, such as in Beijing, China, and Seoul, South Korea, Wi-Fi is available on the subway. Both Klinghardt and Tony Pantalleresco state that the environment these days is not what it used to be, and the current rate of frequencies within it is likely a major contributing factor in the decline of our health.

If you’re in doubt about frequencies triggering disease, take a look, again, at Tony P’s website or a plethora of the articles here: Heck, even in the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead, “the ghouls” are activated by radiation. I wonder where the screenwriter got that idea?


Both Dr. Klinghardt and Tony P. encourage the use of protective shielding against frequencies, both in your home and on your body. This might mean wearing protective clothing, i.e. EMF and RF protective clothing such as the men’s trunks in the picture to the right (get 15% off with this affiliate link to Lambs radiation blocking underwear).

It also means using shielding paint, and putting up a type of faraday cage around your bed and elsewhere in your home. For paint, Tony suggests mixing lead powder in with your paint. In fact, Tony shows your how to make a number of objects for the purpose of frequency protection in his YouTube videos (check out his channel HerbsPlusBeadWorks).

Alternatively, there is shielding paint and curtains that you can buy. Check out Dr. Klinghardt’s and Dr. Mercola’s  websites for these products.

Aside from shielding, one of the best ways to reduce electrosmog is by using a landline only instead of a cell phone or, if you must have a cell phone, turn it off or on airplane mode when you are not using it.

Also turn WIFI off at home; make all computers hard-wired. Get rid of your microwave. Toaster ovens and stove top are the best way to reheat, even if it takes a little longer.


What does Dr. Klinghardt say about Lyme disease recovery?

He states that his treatment protocol begins with three key elements in order for patients to become neurologically well again.

The first is to address electrosmog in the home. The second is to address mold exposure in the home. And the third is to address the patient’s psychological health.

If the first two factors cannot be remedied, the patient will not advance to the next stage of Klinghardt’s treatment because of their crucial role in the recovery of Lyme. Klinghardt states, “If a person lives in a moldy home, they do not have a chance in recovering from Lyme treatment.”

In addition to using protective shielding and clothing, Klinghardt recommends turning off all fuses in the house at night, at least until the patient is well again. In fact, he states, elecrtosmog grows mold, which becomes 100 times more virulent by EMFs and electronic devices. Perhaps the mold in homes also is some sort of hybrid organic-synthetic and that is the reason it responds to frequencies.

The next thing in Klinghardt’s recovery program is psychology. A family history and any past traumas are recorded and treatment such as psycho-kinesiology (PK) is often used. This is the third element that launches treatment with Klinghardt before using treatments such as herbs, antimicrobials, liposomes, and in some cases antibiotics.


One key indicator that treatment is successful is the resolving of insulin resistance in the patient. Lyme disease induces insulin resistance, and once this symptom is eradicated, Klinghardt knows they have treated successfully.

What does Dr. Klinghardt say about antibiotics? He says what many of us know by now: that antibiotics unquestionably disrupt the gut flora. When this happens, a person becomes wide open for other diseases. The disruption of gut flora may also be a contributing factor to autism, as Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride also states (here is my affiliate link to my favourite cookbook that outlines her GAPS diet: The Heal Your Gut Cookbook). However, Klinghardt still uses antibiotics under some circumstances.

Overall, Dr. Klinghardt’s goal is to get his patients biochemically better in order to get their mind healthy and to reclaim the will to take action in their lives again. Oftentimes, once patients get to him, they have given up hope.

The interview includes many interesting details about mitigating electrosmog, also mold, antibiotics, and parasites, and is a must listen for anyone suffering from a chronic illness, not just Lyme disease.


It is interesting the parallels of what is said between the folks mentioned above; Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Mattman, Tony Pantalleresco, and Dr. McBride. Dr. Mattman believes most, if not all, people are infected with Lyme. Tony insists that everyone is infected with nano-particle poisoning, due to chemtrails, pesticides, and other pollutants, and more and more people are contacting him every day attesting to the success of his protocol and suggestions for investigation. I believe there is merit and value in everything discussed by all these experts.

What do you think?

Which type of infection are people with ‘Lyme disease’ dealing with; something totally organic, totally synthetic, or some sort of hybrid? I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me here or send an email to

In my own experience, with over a decade of chasing down symptoms and using antibacterial and Lyme disease treatments, I got some relief from these, but the most significant changes came from doing the anti-nano protocol. I need no more convincing about the validity of nano-particle poisoning. 

December 27, 2021 UPDATE: The interview link here now shows the video as ‘unavailable:

This is likely due to the fact that Dr. Joe Mercola has been listed at the top of Big Pharma’s shitlist as a person of ‘misinformation’, when in fact it is CENSORSHIP. You can find a transcript of the interview here:

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