Are You Hyper-Conductive? The Remedy Take-Aways

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I listen to a podcast called The Remedy with Tony Pantalleresco. If you have read my article Why Can’t You Get Better: It Could Be Nano-Particle Poisoning, then you will have been introduced to Tony. At the end of that article, I mention some health improvements I have seen since employing the anti-nano protocol that Tony and his collaborators suggest to people like myself who have had a long history of illness with little or no success with many different treatments.


Last week’s shows included a lot of great content that, as usual, I suggest you take a listen to, as my take-aways give you just a small portion of what was talked about.

On Tuesday’s show, Tony talks about Adya Clarity and the claims it makes, plus key health hazards of it that are not talked about. He also talks about carbon C60.

Thursday’s show included a lot of talk about food, what to eat on the anti-nano protocol, and how food and remedies today often cannot be used in the same way as historically, due to the environmental damage caused to the food supply by way of air pollution, chemtrails, crop sprays, and other pollutants. Here are my take-aways.

Mad Scientist

1. TONY SAYS: The biggest cartoon out there is NASA. NASA = mad scientists, mad sorcerers.

This organization is promoting products such as Adya Clarity and carbon C60. Tony talks about a study on Adya Clarity (AC), a product that claims to purify water, and finds major details that are left out of the health claims. One such detail is that reverse osmosis is needed to pull the AC out of the water after purification otherwise the AC exacerbates any pollutant that is in the water OR in your body.

MY TAKE → This means that if you are quite toxic, even if you do not know how toxic, your health could be tremendously affected negatively since it will exacerbate any toxins that are already present. Drinking this stuff with the intention of trying to help your body recover is intensifying your sickness.

2. TONY SAYS: C60 collects oxygen and hydrogen.

It concentrates the hydrogen. Terahertz frequencies use hydrogen in order to amplify the detrimental effects on the cells. Integration of C60 into your body can lead to the destruction of your mitochondria and your DNA.

MY TAKE → As a person consumes C60, their cells will become a better conductor for terahertz frequencies. Are you or someone you know sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies, wifi, or other electronics? It could be that their cells have become, as Tony put it, caramelized (see the next take below) and they now have structures within them (nanoparticles that have assembled into networks). These networks catch the frequencies and people are feeling it.

What frequencies? Tony lists a bunch including electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), extremely low frequencies (ELF), radio frequencies (RF), WiFi (wireless fidelity), LIFI (light fidelity), 4G, 5G, terahertz frequencies, satellite frequencies, and more we may not know about.

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We often eat stuff that makes us hyper-conductive, things that caramelize the cells. “Protein bound with sugar-carbon molecules so that the DNA and the carbon would act as a high impact accelerator of these frequencies that would cause a major breakdown in not only DNA, mitochondria, ATP… in other words, it would hyper-accelerate your aging.”

MY TAKE → As I got sicker, back before I knew what I was dealing with, I showed a doctor some marks on my back that had appeared. I believe I was about 29 years old at the time. She said, “They’re aging spots.” “Aging spots?!” I exclaimed? “Yes. Although it’s strange for you to have them at this age.” No kidding, I thought.


Five years later, when my health was definitely on the decline, I visited yet another new doctor in an attempt to get some lasting help.

I knew I only had five or 10 minutes with her so I spewed out my symptoms as fast as I could, all the while this doctor had some reason or excuse for each symptom I just described. She brushed me off on every one of them, at least 10 symptoms.

I said, “Well, that would make sense if that was the only thing I was feeling, but I have all these symptoms. Doesn’t that seem strange to you?” She went on about something like how most people have all these symptoms, which to me is astounding and wrong – we, as people, should not be as sick as we are.

“Well, what about my memory?” I asked her. “I have memory problems.”

Doc: “Oh that comes with aging. It’s just aging.”

I said, “I’m 34!”

Doc: “Yup! You look fine. You’re fine.”

I was shocked, so shocked that I walked out of her office feeling beyond puzzled. What just happened there? By the time I got to the car, it had sunk in.

Whenever I think about this incident, I fantasize about going back into that woman’s office and punching her in the nose, not that I would have the courage or indecency to do so. It’s just a comforting thought.

Do you have a similar story? Has a doctor ever snubbed you and your symptoms, leaving you bewildered, confused, or even more lost than when you went in for help? Send me your story.

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