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I listen to a podcast called The Remedy with Tony Pantalleresco. If you have read my article Why Can’t You Get Better: It Could Be Nano-Particle Poisoning, then you will have been introduced to Tony. At the end of that article, I mention some health improvements I have seen since employing the anti-nano protocol that Tony and his collaborators suggest to people like myself who have had a long history of illness with little or no success with many different treatments.

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I’d have to say that Tuesday’s (September 25th) episode of The Remedy has been one of the best for me in helping me understand nanobiotechnology and mimetics and synthetic pathogens.

If you know someone with Lyme disease, you will find this episode more than interesting. It could be life-changing.

This review focuses on the Sept. 25th show but Tony explains mimetics a bit further in the Sept. 27th show. He also asks a couple of thought provoking questions as well as some remedies needed to thwart the effects of toxins in your environment. Do take a listen to both. Here are my take-aways.

1. TONY SAYS: If you get tested for something and you do the protocol recommended to you, and it doesn’t work (especially if you’ve done this repeatedly), you might be dealing with a synthetic pathogen.


I know a good handful of people who have been on a treatment or drugs for years with little or no success, including many people on repeated antibiotics for chronic Lyme disease. Some get better, however, for many, the best they get is symptom relief. If this has happened to you, it might be time to consider possibilities outside the box. Tony also mentions illnesses that seem to follow a schedule, such as breakouts or relapses every four weeks, six weeks, or whatever.

For myself, my ‘Lyme disease’ seems to be on a two to four month rotation. A few months I feel pretty good. Then for a few months I feel rotten, often but not always with the same symptoms.

Interestingly, some of my most significant symptom relief has come from employing Tony’s anti-nano protocol. Ask me how in the comment box below.

2. Tony talks a bit about the predatory and prey structure of society. Many people are asleep, or sheep, drones. Wake up, go to work in gridlocked rush-hour, follow the pattern, pay the mortgage, pay your debts, retire, die.


I detest rush-hour traffic! It is one of the most ridonkulous features of modern society. Every time I get stuck in it, I think of Bob Marley’s song Rat Race. I think many people feel an incredible urge to break out of the rat race. Do it — you’re not alone!

3. Tony reads from a research article and thoroughly explains mimetics and how they connect to GMO foods. Here’s a snippet:

nanorobot – a controllable machine at the nanometre or molecular scale that is composed of nanoscale components and algorithmically responds to input forces and information. (Think about: what’s an input force? Perhaps your cell phone? Your TV? Radio and cell phone towers?).

Tony reads: “… bio-nanomimetics where biological entities such as proteins and DNA are used to create nano-machine components.”

Next, think of electrical circuit boards. In nanobiology, a lattice is formed using your protein which will be a translucent material if you pull it out of the body. In that is a blueprint to origami which then attracts quantum and nano bots using the nanoparticles you’ve absorbed over the decades. Nano bots are any active structure capable of actuation, sensing, information processing, swarm behavior, signaling and intelligence.


Basically, your proteins and DNA have been clipped and tiny robotic machines have been attached to them. Now, we no longer have a completely organic DNA or protein – we have what looks to me to be a hybrid, somewhat like a genetically modified banana. If this occurs within your body, and those robotic pieces hold a program, what sort of behavior do you think your body will exhibit, physically or psychologically?

Here is Stanford University’s explanation of bio-nanomimetics:

And biomimicry according to the Whole Building Design Guide:

I leave you with that to explore more. Tony’s podcasts from last week are a definite must listen if you have Lyme disease, or any chronic autoimmune disease for that matter.

To hear his show live and for other resources, see the links below.

UPDATE, March 8, 2022

I am now offering consultations by phone or Zoom call on assisting you in your nano-detox journey.

Payment: $75

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  • You said to ask you how to employ Tony’s anti nano protocol in the comment box, so that’s what I’m doing haha, please let me know your best advice to fight nano

    3 years ago

    The link you provide to “The Remedy” does not go there. Is there a place to go to get a concise idea of what you and Tony talk about? Step one, step two etc?
    Thank you
    Charlene Stott

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