Mimetics: Replicants of Disease — The Remedy Podcast Take-Aways – Sept 18th & 20th, 2018

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I listen to a podcast called The Remedy that airs live on www.themicroeffect.com. The recordings go up on www.independz.podbean.com. If you have read my article Why Can’t You Get Better: It Could Be Nano-Particle Poisoning, then you will have been introduced to Tony Pantalleresco. At the end of that article, I mention some health improvements I have seen since employing the anti-nano protocol that Tony and his collaborators suggest to people like myself who have had a long history of illness with little or no success with many different treatments.


1. Tony says: As new supplements touting anti-aging, anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing, anti-manythings come out, more frequencies are being released, frequencies that are more toxic and detrimental to health. Many of these supplements will actually amplify the effect of the frequencies.

My take → I would think back to carbon C60 that Tony talks about in previous shows (he also has a document on that topic available for download on his website here: https://independz.wixsite.com/c60-nanoscale-impact). It’s also becoming more common to see news clips of groups of people reporting illnesses, such as cancer, from overexposure to cell phone towers, and each new version of phone that comes out just gets faster and more efficient technologically.

2. Tony says: The saturation of nanoparticles in the body will disrupt your systems’ normal functioning. It can deactivate your microbiome, distort your immune system, and cause pain.

My take → I suspect that many, if not all, autoimmune diseases are a reaction to this poisoning. If nanoparticles can penetrate through any tissue of the body and stay lodged there, and if the body does not recognize a proper pathogen (i.e. a virus or bacteria), then when the immune system attacks that tissue, it would make sense to say that the immune system is attacking the body. How many people with autoimmune diseases, let’s say hypothyroidism, were told, “Your immune system is attacking your thyroid. Your body is attacking itself.” The patient may then feel guilty, believing that he or she is at fault somehow.

3. Key term: Mimetic

mimetic – Something that replicates another, i.e. a mimetic parasite resembles and behaves like the real thing. Symptoms resemble symptoms of the actual pathology. Additionally, synthetic pathogens carry a program and do what they’re told and when – real pathogens don’t do this!

My take → Do you doubt that pathogens can be created/synthetic? Before you knock it, think about it like this: consider pharmaceutical drugs. They are created using some natural substances from the earth, such as herbs, as well as synthetic materials and chemicals. They are used on the body to fight infection and do all kinds of great stuff, although the side effects can be extensive.

If scientists can create a synthetic drug that uses part natural and part synthetic material to make person or an animal better, how far out is it really that they can create a bacteria or virus that is part organic, part synthetic, that can make a person or an animal sick?

4. Tony says: Goofy Guruitis – a growing epidemic

Goofy Guruitis is a disease of the mind that may manifest as one who does not read food labels, takes pills and other miracle solutions without first researching them, buys pills because everyone else is buying them, spends more than one should, and buys more than one needs.

My take → I think there are a lot of people with Goofy Guruitis. The remedy for this condition is a swift slap in the mouth.

5. Tony says: Forget 5G – Think about how to deter microwave, laser, and terahertz frequencies.

Do listen to the podcast for details.


1. Tony says: Investigate sonogenetics, a.k.a. sonic warfare. The ringing in the ears that many people experience is frequencies that hit the cochlea and the brain interprets as sound.

My take → Do you have tinnitus? How loud or quiet does it get when you are in a very quiet room? Do you ever hear a ringing noise as if it enters your ear, gets higher in volume and maybe pitch, and then fades out again? This is not normal ear activity. This is a frequency hitting your skull.


Nanoparticles that enter the body can assemble into mimetics, as well as into implants, networks, and fullerenes. Also, “What happens when nanobiotech inside you gets hit with a frequency?” Many things: it could be activated or deactivated, it could construct into something as mentioned above, etc. The result is that it breaks you down. The frequencies tell the particles to incorporate with your tissue through nucleic acids such as DNA, RNA, and LNA. When your DNA is broken down, these things will attach to your DNA. Eventually, the tech will resemble your helix by using XNA. Then, the frequencies can be thrown at this and run the program.

Natural means will not take out synthetic biology. Do not use zappers, such as Rife machines. The pathogen will simply morph into something else.

Listen to the podcast or check out Tony’s site for more on this topic.

Also, please feel free to comment below or contact me for discussion or questions.

The Remedy on Podbean www.independz.podbean.com
Find Tony at: www.augmentinforce.com or on his YouTube channel HerbsPlusBeadWorks

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