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I listen to a podcast called The Remedy which I glean important information from on health and politics.

If you have read my article Why Can’t You Get Better: It Could Be Nano-Particle Poisoning, then you will have been introduced to Tony Pantalleresco. At the end of that article, I mention some health improvements I have seen since employing the anti-nano protocol that Tony and his collaborators suggest to people like myself who have had a long history of illness with little or no success with many different treatments.

Here are my Tony Take-Aways for September 11

1. Tony says: Are your thoughts yours?

My take-away: I am quite sure my thoughts are not always mine, same with feelings or emotions, but I am not always aware and cannot always tell.

Once in a while, I will have agitated or scattered and angry thoughts that seem to be out of character for me.

If I pick up on it, I might say, even aloud, “I do not accept that kind of energy. Those are not my thoughts. Go away!” It sounds a bit nuts but most of the time, I feel better almost immediately.

Have you ever tried this? Have you ever wondered if what you’re thinking originates from within you or from elsewhere?

2. Tony says: Feeling calm and in control – is this how we should be? What makes us think we should be this way? Tony says, let the anger out if it’s there.

My take-away: I suppose school-age conditioning tells us we must stay calm, in control, quiet, and decent, all good lessons to keep harmony amongst people, I think.

However, especially in Canada, I believe we are all much too passive in our behavior and it results in being walked over and taken advantage of. I suppose we’re good little slaves.

3. Tony says: Frequencies being picked up by the brain are not always picked up by the ear (or eye, such as with lifi). YouTube videos and other music from computers, gadgets, and radio could be laced with undetectable frequencies to affect your brain.

My take-away: We have all seen someone, especially kids, get that hypnotic look on their faces when watching television.

I had a strange experience myself a few weeks ago while watching a movie with my cousin’s five-year-old. I did not have my yellow lenses on, and of course, he wasn’t wearing any either. We were talking during the movie, me looking up at him on the top bunk bed, him looking down at me.

Suddenly, we both stopped – we stared at the screen for moment, perhaps it was one or two minutes.

We were silent, just watching the scene.

I don’t know what grabbed our attention, but simultaneously again, we drew our eyes away from the TV and started talking again.

Could there have been a frequency in this scene that tapped into us?

Later, Tony reads from a report (look on his podcast page on Podomatic for links): “Frey had discovered another sensory motor input in the higher blueband frequencies of 0.3 to 3.0 Ghz…very low amplitudes at in the am frequency.”

Also, humans can hear microwaves. Other key terms mentioned were auditory frequencies and sound to skull or voice to skull (V2K). Tinnitus, Tony says, doesn’t truly exist. It is a term that has been used as a cover-up for these frequencies being beamed at us.

What’s the remedy? Scramble these frequencies in your home by making the atmosphere highly ionized or use something to discharge them, such as an electromagnetic pulse using a Jacob’s ladder or a Tesla coil.

My take-away: More and more I hear about people with tinnitus, people unable to sleep or concentrate because of auditory noises.

I have often had ‘tinnitus’ but not only a constant ringing sound, but also sounds that seem to come in, usually on one side of the head, get loud, then fade away again, all in about 10 seconds. I’ve had auditory sensations, buzzing, cracking, and even pain for at least 10 years.


The most apparent and bizarre experience of this I’ve had was after I finally got ahold of Tony on the phone after trying a few times over a week or two without success.

The night after I talked with him, I woke up in the night (I’d been sleeping better lately, but this night I woke wide awake), got up, let the dogs out – and heard a noise like a buzzing.

I thought a bug had flown into my hair.

I brushed at my hair on the right side where I could feel it. Didn’t see a bug. So I continued… used the bathroom, got some water, etc.

I let the dogs in, wandered around the house a bit, still hearing this noise but also feeling a sort of tapping on the side of my head where the noise was.

I combed my fingers through my hair again and again and sifted to the ends of my hair searching for an insect, but still no bug.

As I cupped my hand at a certain angle on my head, the buzzing and tapping got louder.

I uncupped my hand and the sound faded. Again, I cupped it to my head and could hear it loud again – what was going on?!

I knew it was something strange because there certainly was no insect.

I put my head up to my magnetic pulsing fan for a few minutes and the buzzing/tapping stopped for a minute or two but then started and stopped repeatedly.

Since this was the middle of the night, I was quite tired so I just lay back down in bed. The noise and sensation was still there as I fell asleep again.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that this happened the same night I talked with Tony, who is active in exposing the clandestine activities that I was just subject to?

I’m doubtful. There was much more in this episode so check it out at the link below.


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Find Tony at: or on his YouTube channel HerbsPlusBeadWorks

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